oh my hog
auto detailing

don't have the time?
Let us clean, and detail your ride!

don't get waxed -
get zaino!

it's my car care routine -
make it yours

my car care guide
a complete how-to

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Don't have the time? Let us detail your ride!


We've won our share of awards showing both our vehicles -
now you put all that knowledge to use detailing your ride.

Sometimes it's about not knowing the routine to follow or the right products to use.
Sometimes it's just a matter of not having the time with a busy schedule.

Whatever the reason we can help you.

Our services:

Interior cleaning and detailing: $100.00

Exterior wash and shine: $60.00

Complete package $150.00 (save $10.00)

Add an engine bay wash and shine: $40.00


We are in Edmonton, Alberta

Any questions or to book an appointment: Drop us an email!