Welcome to our not-so-new house!

Finished March 5, 2000




Decorated for Christmas

Basement Media and Games Room

What is arts and crafts?

Arts and Crafts refers to an architectural style of the early 1900's. It combines rustic charm with simple elegance. William Morris, Gustav Stickley and of course, Frank Lloyd Wright were part of this school of design.

Our goal was to build a home with all the modern amenities - but with the rustic charm and warmth of a log home or lodge. In fact we got a great deal of inspiration from some of the lodges at Lake Louise and Banff.

No we haven't lost our minds - we hope it will be a unique and successful combination. We hope all of you get a change to drop by and tell us if we got it right.

We moved in March 5th, 2000.

Some details:

Builder: Goldenwest Custom Homes